Visaton Clou Speaker

Monacor spikes installed on the Visaton Clou loudspeakers

After a bit of a wait, I finally found the time to install the Monacor spikes onto the Visaton Clou loudspeakers…so was it worth while, did it make a difference? You bet yer sweet daddio it did!

Before I bit the bullet & installed the Monacor loudspeaker spikes, I did a quick trawl on the interweb to do a little research to make sure that speaker spikes are actually a worth while upgrade. It seems that there are a few contradicting thought processes behind what they actually achieve…regardless of the theory, most people see them as a positive addition.

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Visaton Clou Speakers

Shake the room – the Visaton Clou Speakers are finished!

Finally after many sheets of sandpaper, several coats of paint & 7 coats of varnish – the Visaton Clou speakers are able to do their thing!

Last week I made time to make progress with the speaker project, and the final push on Friday saw them finished.

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The recommended appearance for the Visaton Clou Speaker Kit

Introducing the loudspeaker project

I’ve desired a good looking, great sounding pair of loudspeakers for a long time now. Finally after having moved house earlier this year, I’m now the proud occupier of a workshop – its not grand, its a tatty old shed at the end of the garden…but it already feels like home!

After getting the workshop up to speed & in a state that could be used, my first serious project is a set of speakers. After much trawling around the net, I originally planned on building a set from plans – buying in all the components needed & most likely also building the crossovers myself. After a little more research I realised that this wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, mainly due to the lack of decent suppliers in the UK – postage was going to be very heft y & seriously raised the budget required….so plan B.

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