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Introducing the loudspeaker project

I’ve desired a good looking, great sounding pair of loudspeakers for a long time now. Finally after having moved house earlier this year, I’m now the proud occupier of a workshop – its not grand, its a tatty old shed at the end of the garden…but it already feels like home mia app klinikum wels herunterladen!

After getting the workshop up to speed & in a state that could be used, my first serious project is a set of speakers. After much trawling around the net, I originally planned on building a set from plans – buying in all the components needed & most likely also building the crossovers myself herunterladen. After a little more research I realised that this wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, mainly due to the lack of decent suppliers in the UK – postage was going to be very heft y & seriously raised the budget required….so plan B musik kostenlos legalen ohne anmeldung.

After some more googling, I came across a European supplier for parts with cheap shipping that also sold a few kits made by a company called Visaton. The range baffled me for a while, and again it took me a good while to make a decision – in the end I’ve chosen the Clou model, a pair of floor standing speakers, about 1m tall holding a tweeter & two mid range drivers…one of these mid range drivers in enclosed within its own separate space, sealed off from the other two units – this is tuned down to provide greater bottom end.

So – where am I at with these? Well They’re coming on well, the enclosures have been made from 18mm MDF which is thicker than the plans called for, I altered the measurements a little to accommodate for the thicker material. Whilst assembling the units, I have already installed the crossovers & wiring internally. I made a decision based on some of what I read scattered around the net, the front of the units is still flat – no speaker recesses yet. The reason for this is that I think tha t it’s going to be easier to do the finishing, then cut the holes with the router (they’re all circular & straight forward).

The enclosures then had plenty of car body filler applied to fill any gaps in the joins – this has then been sanded, and sanded, and sanded….you get the idea.

Having decided not to veneer them, I’ve now painted the units with several coats applied with a small foam gloss roller – this has worked nicely to give a good uniform, if slightly textured finish. Today has seen the first varnish applied to add some protection & gloss….so far this is looking very nice – a few more coats and it’ll be time to break out the router & fire these puppies up for the first time!

4 responses to “Introducing the loudspeaker project”

  1. Jean says:

    Looking around on the internet to find some reviews of the Visaton Clou I found your interesting site. May I ask you some questions ? You used 18mm MDF instead of 16mm. Here in Belgium 16mm is not common, so I will use also 18mm. Can you tell we what are the sizes of the panels used by you?
    And are you still happy with the speakers ?
    Already many thanks your your reply and best regards.

    • Craftygeek says:

I did modify the size of the panels to allow for the difference in thickness – you only need to adjust the panel height for the front, back & sides, I think I added 4mm to compensate, not much at all.
      As an extra note – I found a couple of the dimensions in the plans to be wrong, I know one of the errors was the panel that separates the upper & lower compartments – I’d suggest cutting them to size when you have started assembly….I may have my measurements still, if I can find them I’ll email them to you.
      As for the speakers themselves, I’m still very happy with them – they have now worn in nicely & sound better than ever. My setup runs from Itunes on my computer – I have some EQ set on that, and a little more on the amp as well….the end result makes everyones jaw drop that hears them. They work very well for rock & classical music – dance still sounds good, but needs a different EQ treatment.

  2. Sorin says:

    Hi. Can You tell me how did you calculate the BR tube, considering that You have two woofers in the same box ?
    Thank You !

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