DIY CNC Router – Birth of a new project


A few years ago I built a DIY CNC router using MDF & other cheap, easily available materials. I intended to post info on that machine, but in reality I was never truly happy with the machine even after numerous mods, upgrades and improvements…bring on the new project.

I originally decided to build a DIY CNC router many years ago – the original purpose was to cut parts for RC model planes that I designed & built. Given that the machine would mainly cut balsa & occasionally 1/8″ light ply, it really didn’t need to be particularly strong or fast.


Upgraded DIY CNC RouterThis machine was built using the original plans from build your cnc using a Trend Router to do the cutting – I then used the machine to cut revised upgraded parts to improve it. Despite many upgrades, I still had many issues that I could never quite seem to get around. During the long time span from when I originally planned to build the machine & when I actually managed to finish it, I stopped flying RC model planes…so the original brief was no longer valid. After this point, we also moved house – the machine sat unloved, in pieces in the garage for 2 years during which time it was exposed to damp/humid environment…MDF doesn’t like moisture…the machine was no longer suited to my needs or the environment in which it had to live.

I have been thinking about building a new DIY CNC router for the last couple of years. This time round it needs to be a much stronger, more stable build with a slightly larger cutting area. Space is also less of an issue this time round – I actually have enough space to build an enclosure around the machine to help keep some of the noise & mess contained. The goal this time round will be to build a machine using a metal construction, have a 600mm x 1220mm cutting area & hopefully as well as cutting wood/MDF be capable of cutting simple aluminium pieces.

Let the planning begin…

Old DIY CNC Router in bits

Unused and unloved, the old DIY CNC router has been sat here for 2 years.

PC setup for th old DIY CNC Router

The PC setup for the old DIY CNC Router – this will also be improved.

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