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Contoh Perjanjian Joint Venture Agreement

The validity of a transaction, agreement or payment involving the joint venture and all associated undertakings of the contracting parties that are otherwise authorized by the terms of this agreement is not affected by the relationship between them and these related companies or by the approval of those transactions, agreements or payments. Joint Venture AgreementAntaraSingapore Chopstick LtdWith PT. Java Anima DarmajaCe contract was signed on 01 February 2014 between: (A) Yunus Hidayat, 24, CEO of PT. Java Anima Darmaja founded under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia, NPWP 0123456789, is located in Jl. Salemba 4, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. In its position, it is entitled to represent the company with a view to signing an agreement based on the adoption of Board 1234/2014. The following is called “THE FIRST PARTY.” THE JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT`S TECHNICAL SHEET. 1. NAME AND CLIENT ADDRESS: 2. PAYS: 3. PROJET LETTRE: 4.

LEAD MEMBER, REPRESENTATIVE OF JOINT VENTURE AND MEMBERS OF JOINT VENTURE ALONG WITH THE OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION ADDRESSES: 5. LANGUAGE AND LAW: The joint venture agreement must be written and interpreted in English … The under-rogation is provided for in section 1400 BW. Mentioned in the under-cutting article is the replacement of rights by a third party that pays creditors. The transfer can be done either by convention or by law. This assignment must be expressly reported that […] Article 9 Non-competitionDSThe parties cannot cooperate with other parties to open another joint venture to manufacture the same products or to compete with Indonesia. Article 10Freiation of the parties1. That this agreement applies only to the parties and their legitimate successors, but the parties cannot directly or indirectly transfer their rights and obligations under this contract to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party, and such a transfer is not possible at the time of the pt development.

This joint venture.2. If the other party has authorized the replacement of one of the parties to this joint enterprise agreement, the replacement must also be approved by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The parties to this system are subject to the contractual agreements they enter into. The agreement puts things like their obligations to share their rights and duties, the degree of sharing of their profits or their losses. If a joint venture prefers resources other than those referred to in this paragraph 9, the amount of a cash advance is not an additional capital premium of the joint venture, but a debt repaid by the company to the joint venture at the time and with the interest expressly agreed or, if no agreement is reached, on the … Simply put, a joint venture is a company run by two or more companies for a specified period of time. This cooperation has been set up to achieve specific objectives and is defined in the agreed plan. The system usually expires after these objectives have been achieved, unless the parties decide to continue their cooperation.

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