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Silentmite – Full Fuz EPP Pattern/3D Hybrid

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Full Fuz EPP 3D/Pattern hybrid. Originally designed to be built using EPP sheet, it has also been built successfully using depron. Flies well indoors or out – harriers are very stable, knife edge is solid & torque rolls are almost hands free herunterladen.





Full Fuz Pattern - 3D Hybrid rc model plane

Silentmite (Silent Mite)

Silentmite Suggested Equipment

Small-Mid size brushless outrunner – eg, a 2208 type brushless outrunner motor
10A brushless ESC
3s1p 400mAh battery pack
8×4.3 prop
1x ~6g servo for ailerons
2x 5g servo for Elevator & Rudder

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2 responses to “Silentmite – Full Fuz EPP Pattern/3D Hybrid”

  1. Eduard Littlefield says:

    Hello i am a big fan of you, and i´m just wondering why if you are such as good desinger, stop building rc plans?

    • CG says:

      My interests have moved on to other areas for now…I may come back to flying RC planes again at some stage. I still have a couple of unfinished designs that I would like to finish…plus a couple of other ideas that I never got round to starting…

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