RC Flight

Free PDF plans for RC Planes – a selection of PDF plans for indoor EPP 3D, Pattern, Aerobatic & Slowflying model RC Planes.

Nano 3D

An 18″ span profile 3Der made from 5mm EPP sheet – could also easily be made from depron.

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M-ofo EPP Aerobatic Slow/Indoor Flyer

The M-ofo has been designed as a new improved version of the well known mini IFO. As such it has taken an already strong model & has turned it into what is perhaps one of the strongest models around. I have used it to fly indoor combat (both streamer and full contact) many times, even when hit the M-ofo wants to carry on flying.

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Silentmite – Full Fuz EPP Pattern/3D Hybrid

Full Fuz EPP 3D/Pattern hybrid. Originally designed to be built using EPP sheet, it has also been built successfully using depron. Flies well indoors or out – harriers are very stable, knife edge is solid & torque rolls are almost hands free.

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