M-ofo EPP Aerobatic Slow/Indoor Flyer

The M-ofo has been designed as a new improved version of the well known mini IFO. As such it has taken an already strong model & has turned it into what is perhaps one of the strongest models around. I have used it to fly indoor combat (both streamer and full contact) many times, even when hit the M-ofo wants to carry on flying.

The M-ofo is capable of stable harrier flight slower than walking pace, but is also able to fly very quickly with no side effects. Unlike the mini IFO, the M-ofo does not suffer from any tucking of the leading edge at higher speeds – this means that it will go exactly where you point it at any speed.

Control throws should be as large as possible this makes sure that you have full control at lower speeds, and then will give you nice quick rolls at higher speeds. The M-ofo is not a great model to hover and has not been designed for 3D – but it is very aerobatic.


The M-ofo also works very well as a night flyer is fitted out with LEDs as shown – I fitted the LEDs into the EPP sheet, pointing into the foam making it glow nicely.

Please download the pdf files to your hard drive to view & print. (right click & save as target)

M-ofo PDF Plan

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