Coral Fungi

Autumn Magic – Mushrooms in the Woods

With the change in season, Autumn brings one of my favorite photography subjects – Fungi. I made myself get out for a Saturday morning to go rumaging through the forest to photograph whatever fungi I could find.

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Canon 450D - Digital SLR Camera

A beginners guide to digital SLR camera exposure settings

So you’ve bought yourself a shiny new digital SLR, its covered in buttons, gizmos & a screen full of menus which all have their uses….but what about the basic settings & what effect do they actually have in the real world?

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Photography Gel Swatches

How to make a simple strobe gel holder

If you’ve done any reading on the net about strobe photography, you will have seen mention of the use of gels to change the colour of the light that your strobe or flash emits. Most websites say to use tape or velcro to hold the gel onto your strobe (see more on strobist or diy photography) – this seems a tad unnecessary to me, and if you’re like me & want to use the free gel sample packs that you can get from most photography shops, this isn’t really an option…..another method is required, bring on the Simple gel holder.

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DIY Lighting Modifiers

Lighting Modifiers, an introduction

If you do any googling around the interweb reading about photography, you’re likely to see talk or mention of lighting modifiers. The next logical step from seeing a mention on a piece of must have equipment is to trawl a couple of online photography shops to look at prices, or to scan through ebay – your next reaction is normally one of shock horror as the prices are more than you would perhaps expect….but does it really need to be this expensive?…I don’t think so – enter the DIY photography lighting modifiers.

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Snake in the grass

Snake in the grass!

I had been picking off butterfly eggs from my cabbage leaves in the garden, started walking back towards the house – glanced towards the pond on my way past & did a double take…..there was a snake hanging over the edge into the water!

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