Air Rifle Targets, A4 PDF Targets to Download

Air Rifle Targets to Download

Free A4 paper targets to download and print for use with air rifles. Including 10m Air Rifle targets and 6yd Air Rifle Targets.

These are all sized to print out on A4 paper – when printing make sure that you have ‘scale to fit page’ (or similar) turned off.

These targets can be fixed to an A4 sized pellet trap, or simply taped to the side of a cardboard box. Please note that I hold no responsibility in case of damage or harm caused to any person or property when using these targets – please be safe and responsible.

note – All 6 yard targets conform to N.R.S.A specifications. The 10m Air rifle and 50m Rifle targets all conform to Olympic specifications.

The different air rifle target distances are relative and scaled accordingly to a standard 10m Air rifle target. This means that the apparent size is the same at that distance. eg, a 20m target will be double the size of a 10m target, but will appear to be the same size through the sights when set at 20m as a 10m target would appear when set at 10m. This gives you the option of finding a target the right size for your shooting distance and skill level.

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