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Airgun Targets, A4 PDF Airgun Targets to Download

Scope Zeroing Targets

More free paper targets to download and print for both air pistols and air rifles. These are more for fun & online competitions rather than serious use Austrian school script. Includes Scope Zeroing targets and HFT target discs.

These are all sized to print out on A4 paper – when printing make sure that you have ‘scale to fit page’ (or similar) turned off meine sky app herunterladen.

These targets can be fixed to an A4 sized pellet trap, or simply taped to the side of a cardboard box. Please note that I hold no responsibility in case of damage or harm caused to any person or property when using these targets – please be safe and responsible zuma spiel kostenlos herunterladen.

BR25 is a page of five sets of five BR50 targets that fit on a single page of A4…read more about BR50.

More Targets, skip to: Air Pistol Targets or Air Rifle Targets

18 responses to “Airgun Targets, A4 PDF Airgun Targets to Download”

  1. Dave Brown says:

    The a4 zero & group target is missing tom can u list it its a cracking target

    • CG says:

      Hi Dave – that has been on my to do list since your first comment a couple of days ago.
      I’ve fixed it now – try downloading it again.

  2. Dave Brown says:

    Thanks Tom

    I couldn’t see me earlier post that’s why I posted again sorry Dave

  3. mike ashby says:

    Thanks for your Targets which I have been using for a good while , just wondering if you could put up a PL12 Target at some stage , Regards Mike

  4. bill says:

    Hi just to say thank you for the targets
    i have just gotinto airguns and they
    help so much,thank you
    yours bill jud

  5. Carlo Helmrich says:

    Many thanks for taking the trouble to post these targets. Much appreciated. Carlo.

  6. Jesper Rex says:

    The link to the “A4 15m & HFT Discs” isn’t working.

  7. Granville says:


    Do you know of a source of10m (or thereabouts) advancing man targets?



  8. Willem says:

    I am very very happy with this printable PDF-targets.
    Many thanks and greetings, Willem from Holland

  9. Jojo says:

    Thanks for sharing the printable airgun targets.
    Much appreciated, Jojo from Philippines.

  10. Adam says:

    Thanks for the targets!

  11. gojkovlm says:


  12. Dennis says:

    Thanks. This is a great resource.

  13. Joe says:

    Thank you man!

  14. Agrar adiatma says:

    Thanks for the print table its awesome

  15. John McKenna says:

    I’ve been using your targets for several years,….Best targets I’ve ever found for my needs….I don’t shoot as prescribed,.. using 6yd targets at 10yards, etc….(Shooting mostly pistols of different types)….I find having them printed at the local stationary store (Staples) is inexpensive and high in quality……Thanks again,..John (west coast, Can.)

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