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Visaton Clou Speakers

Shake the room – the Visaton Clou Speakers are finished!


Finally after many sheets of sandpaper, several coats of paint & 7 coats of varnish – the Visaton Clou speakers are able to do their thing youtube downloader kostenlos vollversion!

Last week I made time to make progress with the speaker project, and the final push on Friday saw them finished.

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Snake in the grass

Snake in the grass!

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I had been picking off butterfly eggs from my cabbage leaves in the garden, started walking back towards the house – glanced towards the pond on my way past & did a double take…..there was a snake hanging over the edge into the water freigegebene ordner herunterladen outlook!

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Introducing the loudspeaker project

I’ve desired a good looking, great sounding pair of loudspeakers for a long time now. Finally after having moved house earlier this year, I’m now the proud occupier of a workshop – its not grand, its a tatty old shed at the end of the garden…but it already feels like home mia app klinikum wels herunterladen!

After getting the workshop up to speed & in a state that could be used, my first serious project is a set of speakers. After much trawling around the net, I originally planned on building a set from plans – buying in all the components needed & most likely also building the crossovers myself herunterladen. After a little more research I realised that this wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, mainly due to the lack of decent suppliers in the UK – postage was going to be very heft y & seriously raised the budget required….so plan B musik kostenlos legalen ohne anmeldung.

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Nano 3D

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An 18″ span profile 3Der made from 5mm EPP sheet – could also easily be made from depron.

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M-ofo EPP Aerobatic Slow/Indoor Flyer

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The M-ofo has been designed as a new improved version of the well known mini IFO. As such it has taken an already strong model & has turned it into what is perhaps one of the strongest models around herunterladen. I have used it to fly indoor combat (both streamer and full contact) many times, even when hit the M-ofo wants to carry on flying.

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Silentmite – Full Fuz EPP Pattern/3D Hybrid

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Full Fuz EPP 3D/Pattern hybrid. Originally designed to be built using EPP sheet, it has also been built successfully using depron. Flies well indoors or out – harriers are very stable, knife edge is solid & torque rolls are almost hands free herunterladen.

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Scope Zeroing Targets

Airgun Targets, A4 PDF Airgun Targets to Download

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More free paper targets to download and print for both air pistols and air rifles. These are more for fun & online competitions rather than serious use Austrian school script. Includes Scope Zeroing targets and HFT target discs.

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Air Rifle Targets to Download

Air Rifle Targets, A4 PDF Targets to Download

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Free A4 paper targets to download and print for use with air rifles. Including 10m Air Rifle targets and 6yd Air Rifle Targets.

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